New names for the Edenred solutions

This represents an important step in our evolution as a brand and strengthens our commitment towards you.

Why are there new names for our solutions?

Edenred has evolved over the years and it was high time to give the classic names a modern flair, especially in a market that is now 100% digital. Indeed, tickets and paper are a thing of the past!

This variation embodies our vision for the future and our desire to remain pioneers in the world of work.

What are our solutions called now?

  • Ticket Restaurant becomes Edenred Meal
  • Ticket Compliments becomes Edenred Gift

In short, easier to remember and more meaningful names.

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How to write our new names correctly?

Here are some tips for correctly writing the new names of our Edenred solutions:

• The entire word must have the same weight; no Edenred in bold and Repas in light.

• The first letter of each word must be capitalized.

• No article before the noun. No “your”, “the”,...

• The Edenred logo is our unique logo.

• An icon for each solution has been created to illustrate the solution.


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