Activation of a SIX Payment terminal

When you join the Edenred acceptance network, your terminal is automatically activated remotely. A period of 10 days between the signing of the contract with Edenred and the activation of the terminal by your provider SIX Payment is expected.

Here is the procedure to follow on your side to check that the terminal has been activated for transactions with the Edenred card.

Select the keys indicated in the following order:

  1. "Menu"
  2. Press "5. Installation"
  3. Press "2. Initialization"
  4. A list of active acquirers is displayed:
      • Either "Edenred" appears; your terminal is correctly activated.
      • Either "Edenred" does not appear, but it may be indicated in the form of a code: 00999100620. In this case, contact the Terminal Support team of SIX Payment by phone at +352 49 10 38 to find out if Edenred has been added to the system.

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